Faculty Profile

Victor Mor-Avi
Section of Cardiology
Research Professor
Director,Cardiac Imaging Research;Director, Cardiovascular Research Training

Academic Interests

Dr. Mor-Avi is internationally recognized for his research work in the field of cardiac imaging. His work focuses on the development and testing of new diagnostic techniques based on analysis of cardiac function and myocardial perfusion, and encompasses different imaging modalities, including cardiac ultrasound, computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. A physicist by training, Dr. Mor-Avi works in close collaboration with the physicians in the cardiac imaging group. Over the years, he has guided multiple research fellows and young physicians in their research projects, and published over 200 articles. In addition to his role as Director of Cardiac Imaging research, he currently oversees the research training of the cardiology fellows.

Clinical Interests



  • Coon PD, Pollard H, Furlong K, Lang RM, Mor-Avi V: Quantification of left ventricular size and function using contrast-enhanced real-time 3D imaging with power modulation: Comparison with cardiac MRI. Ultrasound Med Biol 2012; 38:1853-1858
  • Mor-Avi V, Yodwut C, Jenkins C, Kühl HP, Nesser HJ, Marwick T, Franke A, Niel J, Steringer-Mascherbauer R, Freed BH, Sugeng L, Lang RM: Real-time 3D echocardiographic quantification of left atrial volume: Multicenter study for validation with magnetic resonance imaging. J Am Coll Cardiol Img 2012; 5:769-777
  • Mor-Avi V, Lodato JA, Chandra S, Kachenoura N, Ahmad H, Freed BH, Newby B, Lang RM, Patel AR: Quantitative three-dimensional evaluation of myocardial perfusion during regadenoson stress using 256-channel multidetector computed tomography. J Comput Assist Tomogr 2012; 36:443-449
  • Tarroni G, Corsi C, Antkowiak PF, Veronesi F, Kramer CM, Epstein FH, Walter J, Lamberti C, Lang RM, Mor-Avi V, Patel AR: Automated quantification of myocardial perfusion at rest and stress from contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance images. Radiology 2012; 265:576-583
  • Mor-Avi V, Lang RM, Badano LP, Belohlavek M, Cardim NM, Derumeaux G, Galderisi M, Marwick TH, Nagueh SF, Sengupta P, Sicari R, Smiseth SA, Smulevitz B, Takeuchi M, Thomas JD, Vannan M, Voigt JU, Zamorano JL: Current and evolving echocardiographic techniques for the quantitative evaluation of cardiac mechanics: ASE/EAE consensus statement on methodology and indications. J Am Soc Echocardiogr 2011; 24:277-313 and Eur J Echocardiogr 2011; 12:167-205


  • BS, 1984, Tel-Aviv Univeristy, Physics
  • MS, 1986, Tel -Aviv University, Medical Physics
  • PhD, 1992, Tel-Aviv University, Medical Physics