Faculty Profile

Yuval Simons
Section of Genetic Medicine
Assistant Professor of Medicine

Academic Interests

The evolution and genetic architecture of human complex traits and diseases. Population genetics, quantitative genetics, statistical genetics, mathematical models of biological processes.

Clinical Interests



  • Y.B. Simons, H. Mostafavi, C.J. Smith, J.K. Pritchard, and G. Sella, 2022. Simple scaling laws control the genetic architectures of human complex traits. BioRxiv 2022.10.04.509926
  • Y.B. Simons, K. Bullaughey, R.R. Hudson, and G. Sella, 2018. A population genetic interpretation of GWAS findings for human quantitative traits. PLOS Biology 16, e2002985
  • Y.B. Simons and G. Sella, 2016. The impact of recent population history on the deleterious mutation load in humans and close evolutionary relatives. Curr. Opin. Genet. 41, 150–158
  • Y.B. Simons, M.C. Turchin, J.K. Pritchard and G. Sella, 2014. The deleterious mutation load is insensitive to recent population history. Nature Genetics 46, 220-224


  • M.Sc, 2012, Weizmann Institute, Physics
  • PhD, 2019, Columbia University, Biology
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, 2023, Stanford Medicine, Department of Genetics