Faculty Profile

David Kim
Section of Hospital Medicine
Assistant Professor of Medicine

Academic Interests

David Kim is a health economist whose research interest is how to measure and improve the value of health care. Specifically, his research focuses on (1) evaluating distributional health and economic consequences of health policies and medical interventions using simulation modeling, (2) examining variations in the use of low-value services and its downstream consequences, and (3) improving methodology in economic evaluation and research prioritization. David has developed several lifetime disease simulation models for cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, eye diseases, hepatitis C, and alcohol use disorders. As a lead author of the worked example included in the Second Edition of Cost-Effectiveness in Health and Medicine, he has conducted cost-effectiveness analyses to reflect the comprehensive practice guidelines. Since then, he has written several pieces highlighting the gap between guideline recommendations and actual practice in cost-effectiveness analysis with future directions for improvement. Also, he led a research team to develop a Criteria for Health Economic Quality Evaluation (CHEQUE) tool to create a quality scoring system to assess methodological and reporting criteria.

Clinical Interests



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  • BSE, 2009, University of Michigan, Biomedical Engineering
  • MS, 2012, University of Michigan, Biostatistics
  • PhD, 2016, University of Washington, Health Systems and Population Health (Health Economics)