Faculty Profile

Alfredo Garcia
Section of Emergency Medicine
Assistant Professor of Medicine

Academic Interests

Dr. Garcia has a broad research interest in the influence of local neuronal environments on neurodevelopment and the coordination of information among neural networks. His current work is focused on understanding the impact of blood gas homeostasis on (1) central cardio-respiratory control, (2) neurodevelopment and (3) synaptic plasticity. This work has implications for the understanding of the neural basis for autonomic function and cognitive dysfunction in conditions ranging from opioid overdose to epilepsy and sleep apnea.

Clinical Interests



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  • B.Sc, 1999, The Ohio State University, Microbiology, Biological Sciences
  • PhD, 2006, Wright State University, Neurophysiology
  • Post Doctoral Fellowship, 2009, The University of Chicago, Neuroscience and Respiratory Physiology