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Yonglan Zheng
Section of Hematology / Oncology
Research Associate Professor
Research Associate Professor

Academic Interests

Dr. Zheng has a broad background in genetics, genomics, and molecular biology. Since joining The University of Chicago in 2009, Dr. Zheng has carried out large-scale sequencing and genotyping studies characterizing breast cancer susceptibility alleles in women of African ancestry by statistical genetics methods. In addition, he led several projects to investigate breast cancer inherited germline variants in diverse populations. His recent research focuses on examining the mutation landscape, mutational signatures, and evolutionary trajectory in breast cancer using "-omic" approaches.

Clinical Interests



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  • BS, 2000, Xiamen University, Cell Biology
  • Fellowship, 2007, NorthShore University HealthSystem Research Institute, Psychiatric Genetics
  • PhD, 2007, Chinese Academy of Scienices, Neurobiology and Human Genetics
  • Fellowship, 2009, The University of Chicago, Cancer Genetics and Genomics