Faculty Profile

Vineet Arora
Section of General Internal Medicine
Professor of Medicine
Referring Physician Access Line: 1-877-DOM-2730
Herbert T. Abelson Professor; Assistant Dean for Scholarship and Discovery,Pritzker School of Medicine; Associate Chief Medical Officer for the Clinical Learning Environment,University of Chicago Medicine

Academic Interests

Dr. Arora is an academic hospitalist and medical educator who specializes in improving the learning environment for medical trainees and the quality, safety and experience of care delivered to hospitalized adults. Dr. Arora’s work bridges clinical medicine and medical education to transform the learning environment and the quality of care delivered in teaching hospitals. She is an internationally recognized expert on patient handoffs in health care and also has broad expertise in using technology, such as social media, to improve medical education. She has served as principal investigator of numerous federal and foundation grants that explore novel scientific approaches to improving patient care while also enhancing workplace learning in teaching hospitals.

Clinical Interests

Care of hospitalized older patients and sleep hygiene


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  • BA, 1994, Johns Hopkins University, Biology
  • MD, 1998, Washington University, Medicine
  • Residency, 2001, The University of Chicago, Internal Medicine
  • Residency, 2002, The University of Chicago, Chief Resident
  • MA, 2003, The University of Chicago, Public Policy Studies
  • Fellowship, 2004, The University of Chicago, General Internal Medicine