Faculty Profile

Fredric Coe
Section of Nephrology
Professor of Medicine
Referring Physician Access Line: 1-877-DOM-2730
Co-Director, Kidney Stone Program; Director, Clinical Research Training Program

Academic Interests

Dr. Fredric Coe collaborates with Drs. Elaine Worcester and Ben Ko within the kidney stone PPG concerning effects of altered sodium and acid base balance on renal mineral transport as assessed by a mixture of standard CRC based clearance methods, assessment of proximal tubule reabsorption via use of endogenous lithium clearances, and selected urine exosome renal transporter proteins as an index of tubule regulation via altered membrane transporter abundances. With others in the PPG – Drs. Lingeman, and Williams (IUPUI Campus) he collaborates on research concerning renal papillary abnormalities in kidney stone patients as assessed by a mixture of intraoperative digital imaging and specialized study of biopsy tissue obtained at the time of kidney stone surgery. With Dr. Anna Zisman, he collaborates in studies of racial differences of urine kidney stone risk factors, papillary changes as evidenced by intraoperative images obtained by Dr. Glenn Gerber at the University of Chicago (Urology), and regulation of proximal tubule transport in patients with stage 3 CKD as compared to healthy individuals. With Dr. Hammes, he has collaborated on studies of risk factors of vascular access graphs in hemodialysis patients.

Clinical Interests

Prevention and treatment of kidney stones. Dr. Coe has an educational website for both clinicians and patients that receives over 60,000 visits each month. Topics that are covered range from normal renal physiology to the cause of particular renal stone formation in humans. The website can be viewed here: http://kidneystones.uchicago.edu/  


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  • BA, 1955, The University of Chicago
  • BS, 1957, The University of Chicago, Physiology
  • MD, 1961, The University of Chicago
  • Residency, 1964, Michael Reese Hospital, Medicine
  • Residency, 1965, Michael Reese Hospital, Chief Resident
  • Fellowship, 1969, University of Texas, Nephrology