Faculty Profile

Renea Jablonski
Section of Pulmonary / Critical Care
Assistant Professor of Medicine
Referring Physician Access Line: 1-877-DOM-2730

Academic Interests

Dr. Jablonski’s research focus is the clinical care of patients with interstitial lung disease (ILD) and those undergoing lung transplantation. She aims to impact the growing recognition of frailty in patients with chronic pulmonary disease by working to better define and identify the frail phenotype in patients with ILD and those undergoing transplant evaluation. In addition to the physical description of frailty, she is interested in working to define a biologic signature of frailty and evaluate if aspects of either the physical or biologic phenotype are modifiable with treatment of the underlying fibrotic lung disease, physical rehabilitation, or lung transplantation. Her long-term objective is to define a biologic signature that would help predict response to the costly and often poorly tolerated immunosuppressive and anti-fibrotic therapies employed for the treatment of ILD, including idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF).

Clinical Interests

Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, interstitial lung disease, lung transplantation, pulmonary medicine, critical care medicine.


  • Jablonski RP, Dematte J, Bhorade S. (in press). Lung transplantation in scleroderma: recent advances and lessons. Accepted for publication in Current Opinion in Rheumatology
  • Jablonski RP, Kim SJ, Cheresh P, Williams DB, Morales-Nebreda L, Cheng Y, Yeldandi A, Bhorade S, Pardo A, Selman M, Ridge K, Guis D, Budinger GRS, Kamp DW. (2017). SIRT3 deficiency promotes lung fibrosis by augmenting alveolar epithelial cell mitochondrial DNA damage and apoptosis. FASEB J, 31(6):2520-2532
  • Kim, SJ, Cheresh P, Eren M, Jablonski RP, Yeldandi A, Ridge K, Budinger GRS, Vaughan D, Kamp D. (2017). Klotho, an anti-aging molecule, attenuates oxidant-induced alveolar epithelial cell mtDNA damage and apoptosis. AJP Lung Cell Mol Physiol, 313(1):L16-26.
  • Kim SJ, Cheresh P, Jablonski RP, Morales-Nebreda L, Cheng Y, Hogan E, Yeldandi A, Chi M, Piseaux R, Ridge K, Hart MC, Chandel N, Budinger GRS, Kamp DW. (2016). Mitochondrial catalase overexpressed transgenic mice are protected against lung fibrosis in part via preventing alveolar epithelial cell mitochondrial DNA damage. Free Rad Biol Med, 101:482-490.
  • Kim SJ, Cheresh P, Jablonski RP, Williams DB, Kamp DW. (2015). The role of mitochondrial DNA in mediating alveolar epithelial cell apoptosis and pulmonary fibrosis. Int J Mol Sci, 16(9):21486-519.


  • BA, 2004, Washington University, Biology and Spanish
  • MD, 2009, University of Washington School of Medicine,
  • Residency, 2012, University of California, San Diego, Internal Medicine
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, 2016, McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University, Pulmonary and Critical Care
  • Chief Fellow, 2016, McGaw Medical Center of Northwestern University, Pulmonary and Critical Care