Faculty Profile

John Asplin
Section of Nephrology
Clinical Associate of Medicine

Academic Interests

Dr. Asplin's research interests focus on mechanisms of kidney stone formation. Areas of study include urinary inhibitors of calcium crystallization, diet and calcium stone formation, and treatment of cystine stone formers. Teaching interests focus on the application of basic renal physiology to understanding disorders of fluid and electrolytes, acid base metabolism and mineral metabolism.

Clinical Interests

Treatment and prevention of nephrolithiasis.


  • Bushinsky DA, Laplante K, Asplin JR. Effect of cinacalcet on urine calcium excretion and supersaturation in genetic hypercalciuric stone-forming rats. Kidney Int. 2006 May;69(9):1586-92
  • Jiang Z, Asplin JR, Evan AP, Rajendran VM, Velazquez H, Nottoli TP, BinderHJ, Aronson PS. Calcium oxalate urolithiasis in mice lacking anion transporter Slc26a6. Nat Genet. 2006 Apr;38(4):474-8.
  • Wolf J, Asplin JR, Goldfarb DS. Chitosan does not reduce post-prandial urinary oxalate excretion.Urol Res. 2006 Feb 28
  • Goldfarb DS, Coe FL, Asplin JR. Urinary cystine excretion and capacity in patients with cystinuria.Kidney Int. 2006 Mar;69(6):1041-7.
  • Defoor W, Asplin J, Jackson E, Jackson C, Reddy P, Sheldon C, Minevich E. Results of a prospective trial to compare normal urine supersaturation in children and adults.J Urol. 2005 Oct;174(4 Pt 2):1708-10.


  • BA, 1977, Holy Cross College, Chemistry
  • MD, 1981, Emory University,
  • Residency, 1984, University of Cincinnati, Medicine
  • Fellowship, 1991, The University of Chicago, Nephrology