Faculty Profile

Siri Greeley
Section of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism
Associate Professor of Medicine
Referring Physician Access Line: 1-877-DOM-2730

Academic Interests

Dr. Greeley's research and clinical focus is on patients with neonatal diabetes (NDM). He has established the national Neonatal Diabetes Registry, which now includes over one hundred probands with diabetes under a year of age. About 50% of those diagnosed under 6 months carry a mutation in either subunit of the KATP channel and can be treated with oral sulfonylureas in lieu of insulin. Dr. Greeley facilitates this transition in patients who subsequently have had a dramatic improvement in metabolic control and quality of life. Dr. Greeley participates in the search for new diabetes genes through probands with NDM and no known genetic cause. As part of a multifaceted investigation, Dr. Greeley recently started a study of certain patient groups in whom beta cell function may be improved by various treatments. Further, he is collaborating with Michael Msall, Chief of Developmental Pediatrics to develop a screening methodology for identification of those with neurodevelopmental and behavioral disabilities and with Eve Van Cauter and Leila Gozal to study the complex interplay between metabolic dysregulation and sleep in our patient population.

Clinical Interests

Childhood diabetes and endocrine disorders


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  • Visuomotor performance in KCNJ11-related neonatal diabetes is impaired in children with DEND-associated mutations and may be improved by early treatment with sulfonylureas. Shah RP, Spruyt K, Kragie BC, Greeley SA, Msall ME. Diabetes Care. 2012 Oct;35(10):2086-8. Epub 2012 Aug 1. PMID: 22855734
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  • PhD, 2002, University of Pennsylvania, Immunology
  • MD, 2003, University of Pennsylvania,
  • Residency, 2006, The University of Chicago, Pediatrics
  • Fellowship, 2009, The University of Chicago, Pediatric Endocrinology