Faculty Profile

Ying-Jie Peng
Section of Emergency Medicine
Research Professor

Academic Interests

Humans experiencing chronic intermittent hypoxia (CIH) as a consequence of recurrent apneas are prone to develop augmented sympathetic nerve activity, hypertension and ventilatory abnormalities. Dr. Peng's research focuses on assessing the mechanisms associated with CIH-induced autonomic abnormalities. The lab is specifically testing the role of carotid bodies, the primary chemoreceptor for sensing arterial blood O2. Their studies demonstrate that CIH leads to enhanced hypoxic sensing of the carotid body involving reactive oxygen species-mediated signaling mechanisms. Consequently, they are currently testing the hypothesis that CIH-induced functional re-modeling of the carotid body results in reflexive activation of sympathetic nerve activity and elevated blood pressure.

Clinical Interests



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  • BS, 1991, East China Normal University, Biology
  • MS, 1994, East China Normal University, Physiology
  • PhD, 1999, Shanghai Medical University, Physiology